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Our Services

Pre-Purchase Inspections
Buy the right property for you and your family. Let us help you decide.  No more guesswork with this inspection.

Handover Inspections
Get your builder to fix hidden issues, structural defects and other problems before handover of property.
Retrospective Approvals
For homeowners who require council approvals for home additions or extensions which were built without securing necessary permit
Vendor Inspections
Get maximum prize for your property.  Get it inspected and fix problems before you place your property in the market
Builder Warranty Inspections
Get your builder to repair structural issues before the expiration of your builder warranty (6-7 years from completion of construction)
Structural Assessment
Let our structural engineers assess your property's structural integrity and safety

Owner Builder Warranty
For an owner builder who wants to sell his home and needs a defects report in order to secure a home indemnity insurance
Timber Pest Inspection
For homeowners who want to make sure that their home is free from timber pest infestation

Design Services

For anyone planning to build a new house, do some alterations or get a building Code compliance report for residential or commercial development.

Pool Inspection

With proper maintenance, pools can be wonderful additions to your home.  Get a pool inspection to know what needs to be fixed.